Selby Barbershop Choir Our group was formed in the mid 80s by our then leader Cliff Brown from Sherburn and consisted of about 8 members, some of whom had been members of other barbershop choruses in Leeds and Bradford.

The chorus developed over the years and has grown to about 15 members. We joined the British Association of Barbershop Singers but, due to the size of the current chorus, we are no longer members.

We regularly sing for local organisations and have performed at weddings, birthdays and even funerals! The group still has several members who are originals and now have over 25 years of singing experience.

The Chorus has occasionally entered competitions (sometimes winning!), in the Sheffield, Pontefract and Harrogate music festivals. Our rehearsals have been held in various venues including some local pubs. For many years we have used the church hall in Sherburn which has fine acoustics, storage space for our risers (small portable platforms), and a kitchen for making tea and coffee.

Barbershop singing is said to have originated in the US around the turn of the last century where gentlemen would visit the local barbershop for a shave or haircut and sing in harmony while they were waiting.

The four parts of harmony are known as: Bass the deep down notes; Lead the melody of the song; Tenor the high notes above the Lead and Baritone above and below the lead line. Baritone by itself sounds untuneful but, in combination with the other three parts, adds to the rich sound of male voices singing chords.